Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs are either no longer with their original owners or puppies born into no home to begin with. They can be either a recognised dog breed or a cross breed.

A dog can become a rescue for a number of reasons. These include their owners passing away, owners going into care setting, owners divorcing or relocating. It can also be due to the dogs behaviour or the owners not researching the consequences of owning a dog.

Why chose a rescue dog

For many people adopting a rescue dog is the way forward. Many owners find adopting a rescue dog a very rewarding experience. For the dog involved finding a new loving home is awesome.

Usually prospective dog owners looking to adopt a rescue dog undergo a home check. This helps to ensure that the dog is being placed with owners who have the right environment and have considered the impact of owning a dog. Some rescue dogs would not be suitable to rehome into houses with other dogs, or children or with owners that are out all day.

If you are successful during adoption phase then you can be blessed with a dog who will provide love and laughter into your life.

Rescue dogs can require more time and effort to adjust and flourish in their new home. This can be a rewarding process for the dog owner.

Where to look for a rescue dog

There are many rescue charities that help dogs find a new loving home and look after dogs until a suitable new home can be found. There are plenty of shelters throughout the UK that provide a temporary home for dogs prior to rehoming. Some rescue dogs can come over to the UK from other Countries such as Cyprus, Greece, Crete, Spain etc. The people who help out in these establishment are truly remarkable.

Some people offer foster homes to rescue dogs whilst a new owner can be found who can then adopt them further.

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Bella dog company supply dog gear for all types of dogs. We love hearing about rescue dogs and how they settle into their new homes. If you would like us to champion a rescue centre then please get in touch with us.