Dog Pet Finder Smart ID tag


Dog Pet Finder Smart ID tag

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Waggi Dog Pet Finder Smart ID tag simply clips onto your dog’s collar.

This smart id dog tag has four ways that can help return your dog home safely.

Firstly, you can tap the smart dogĀ  tag with any NFC enabled smart phone.

Secondly you can scan the smart id tag with your QR code reader app on your smart phone.

Thirdly you can enter the unique id number found of the dog tag into the website.

Finally you can call the Waggi hotline 24/7 with the information on the smart id dog tag.

The dog owner enters their dog’s profile into the Waggi database which uses a safe and secure cloud server. This information is then used to reinstate your dog to you.

There is also a location alert available and up to 3 guardians can be added to the database to ensure your dog always gets home.

Available in two colours.

Dog smart id tag LlandudnoSmart id dog tag Rhos on sea

Unfortunately there are times when dog and owner can become separated. It is an extremely worrying time for both. This smart id tag allows information about yourself (e.g. mobile phone number etc,.) to be held on a secure database. If your dog is then found by somebody else they can scan the QR code and be provided with a number to contact you. You can then be reunited with your pet.

Having lost our elderly pointer for over an hour in a place where we do not usually go, we were at that time in turmoil. Luckily for us we did manage to find her. However, the smart id tag could have proved to be an essential tool.



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