Dog Night Light Blinkers Super Bright


Dog night light blinkers

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These dog night light blinkers attach easily to the dog’s collar and can also be attached to the dog’s lead. Furthermore, it has LED visibility of up to 1/2 mile

They are made from silicone which can easily wrap around the collar both quickly and securely.

The night light blinkers are activated with the paw on/off button. They are water resistant.

First speed is flashing and the second position is constant.

This night light comes with battery pre-loaded.

Comes in four colours.

Remove from dog’s collar when not in use to prevent the dog from chewing.

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We normally get up before 6 am to walk our dogs before work. During the winter months (October through to February) it is unfortunately dark. As we have very active dogs who love to run free, they are let off the lead to get their exercise. These night lights are essential to keep a track on them whilst they are having their zoomies.

Being made from silicone means they can also get wet without damaging the light.

Additionally we like the fact that you can change the battery if required.

They also allow the dogs to be seen by vehicles and others in the dark.

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 cm

Green, Orange, Blue, Pink