We have a passion to learn about dog news and dog walks. We believe that the more information we know about our dogs and where to take them will bring great rewards to them.




Bella Dog company love to hear stories about dogs, dog news, latest products and ideas. We try to find the latest information and research that benefit the lives of our dogs and ourselves. Studies into dogs behaviour and the impact that dogs can have on their owners is becoming a real hot topic. Conclusions from theses studies provide useful tips and tricks. Our blog pages cover some of these findings together with new products that have recently come on the market. If you would like us to include some information about your dogs then please contact us.

We also love to share information about the dog walks and which places allow and love dogs into their establishment. We daily walk our dogs but the weekend gives us the opportunity to discover new walks and places to visit.

Our blogs include dog walks that were awesome throughout the UK. They also include those walks where paths were more overgrown or muddy. This is to help you decide what time of year would be best to do the walk with your dog.

If you have found a gem of a walk or somewhere that has been welcoming for your dog, then please get in touch with us.

Our Bella dog was inspirational to us. She was a disabled dog but lived her life to the full. We will hopefully provide information to other disabled dog owners so they can learn from our mistakes. We did make quite a few! However our journey with our disabled dog gave us great joy and happiness and we would not have changed it. We hope you enjoy reading about Bella.