Dog Breeds

We are always looking to hear from our customers regarding their dogs. Whatever your dog breeds, they are all welcome at Bella Dog Company.

You are the people that know what your particular dog likes, dislikes, enjoys, hates. Your dogs are the ones who know how to cheer you up, wind you up, give you cuddles and laughs.  Please get in touch with us if you would like to add any details regarding your dog to the breed list or simply add a wonderful photo of them. We would love to hear from you.

Dogs come in many shapes, colours, temperaments and sizes. You should always research different dog breeds, rescue dogs and cross-breeds. You can then make an informed decision as to whether a particular dog would fit into your household and lifestyle. We should be responsible adoptees as dogs give us so much love, enjoyment and exercise.

The web is full of information regarding different dogs and what owners can expect prior to homing a dog. There are also many Facebook groups which you can join and ask owners about the breed or type of dog you are interested in. Many groups also meet up with other owners and their dogs and this is a great opportunity for prospective dog owners to go and talk with dog owners. Dog owners are a wealth of information for prospective dog owners to tap into.

Our breed pages will hopefully provide information about breed standards but more importantly what it is like to own that type of dog. Insights into personalities and care commitments are provided by our wonderful customers.

Bella Dog Company supply dog merchandise to enhance dog’s well-being and experience of owning a dog. As part of our business, we also provide information to enable dog owners to grow with their dogs.