Dog worming

Worming your dog

Why do we need to worm our dogs regularly? Basically worms can damage the gut of your dog, stunt growth in puppies and adolescents, and can cause blockages. They also make your dog more susceptible to other diseases and in very rare cases they can be fatal to your dog.   What are the signs […]

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chocolate poisonous for dogs


There are always potentially fatal poisons lurking around your house and garden. Dogs are always opportunistic in finding things to eat and play with so it is always a good idea to know when to be concerned. Check out some surprising and not so surprising toxins

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ideas for 2020 for you and your dog

8 Tips for making 2020 the best year

1.Take more walks. – Just as us humans benefit from exercising so does your dog. Like us the more exercise your dog starts to take the more able they are in everyday life. Walking is not only good for your dog physically, mentally and psychologically but it is also the same for you. If your […]

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xray ligament

Ruptured Cruciate Ligament

Our 8 year old English Pointer has recently suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament in her left hind leg. She started to limp about 8 weeks ago. This was mainly evident by her not wishing to put down her left paw from time to time. We could not see any sign of paw damage so after […]

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Dog treats North Wales

Positivity training for your dog

Rewarding a dog for positive behaviour is the way forward for a happy contented hound and human. Is your pawfect pooch sometimes be a little frustrating with their behaviour. Telling them off is not the best way to go. Try simply ignoring the annoying behaviour and not giving your dog any attention at all. This […]

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Dogs UK

Dog Theft

For dog owners dog theft is one of the most heart-breaking experiences. Unfortunately dog theft is on the increase. Official figures show a growth in reported crimes by around 1/3rd each year. In 2016 1,774 dog were reported as stolen. According to Dog Lost around 60 dogs are reported each week in England and Wales. […]

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dog walks UK

Dog walkies and Mobile Phones

Staying connected to your dog and the outside is a great way to becoming mindful. Mindfulness is great for de-stressing. However recent research has shown that nearly two-thirds of us using our phones whilst out with our dogs. Furthermore 50% of these used their phones to send texts, 40% to chat to friends, 27% to […]

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