We are a family run business that source dog focused products. We set up our business in memory of our very special English Springer Spaniel called Bella.

Bella was a remarkable and special dog. She was always happy, good, clever and determined throughout her life.

Bella’s story

When Bella was only 6 months old in 2001, she had an accident and fell 400 feet off the edge of a mountain cliff. Unfortunately, she sustained a badly broken spine. Her back bones had moved so that one had ridden up over the top of another. Luckily, she did not have any other broken bones.

We were very fortunate with the help from many people, including the mountain rescue and vets in North Wales and in St Helens. Their quick response and aftercare enabled Bella to begin to get over her serious injuries. Over time she was able to stand and then to walk. Eventually she could also wag her tail.

She gave us 12 further years of pure enjoyment following her accident. We were blessed to have her in our life.

The accident caused lasting damage to her spinal cord. This meant that the nerves to her back leg muscles and paws were not always firing on all four cylinders. She had difficulty putting her right back paw the correct way on the floor. She could do it some of the time but not always. This caused problems with her paw.

Bella’s legacy

We did not have access to TV programs and “Supervets” to aid with her disability and paw problems. This meant we had to become very adaptive to make her life as enjoyable and normal as possible. We did a lot of research into both available dog products and help from outside sources. During our research we found a university prosthetic tutor who was willing to make her a custom prosthetic ankle support. We imported dog boots from America.¬†We did go through quite a few options before finding one that worked for her.

In order to reduce her susceptibility to arthritis and joint problems etc. we purchased  our first dog coat so that she could keep dry when walking in the rain or snow. This was something that we had never considered beforehand for our dogs. However, it was quite a light bulb moment to realise that when dogs are wearing their coats, the house is much cleaner and less smelly upon their return. The fit was not brilliant, but did the job.

We also sourced and purchased special beds, towels, toys, food bowls, leads of all descriptions and dog collars. This has led us to our dog business.


Our dogs are valued members of our family and we like to provide them with the dog gear to help their lives become more enjoyable. With this ethos in mind, we now run our own dog focused business.


If there is something that you feel you need for your dog but are unable to source, then maybe we can help you. Check out our products for the latest.


Bella has been our inspiration in starting our business.

Dog collars

We are based in North Wales and offer free delivery to Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Y Felinheli area. Alternatively, you can drop into our place in Y Felinheli for a good look and a cup of tea and a chat.